The Firm

The firm is dedicated to providing legal strategy for structuring and increasing businesses, as well as defending the interests in disputes that are vital for the companies in all levels of their development. Always seeking the latest technology in the market, all of its process and document files are digital, made from full copies of the records, including those proceedings not in progress in digital media yet. Clients also receive monthly reports detailing the progress of all lawsuits and administrative processes, including the probability of success or loss of each one, offering a continuous assessment of risks and contingency values.

Calábria & Villa Gonzalez is one of the main law firms in the region of Campinas, São Paulo. Over the course of its history, it has represented the interests of its clients all over Brazil, always providing services of high standard quality and excellence.


Legal counselling provided promptly, effectively and based on client’s needs by experienced and qualified professionals.


To be known by our clients as a modern, dynamic, organized and prosperous firm that values and provides for the personal and professional growth of our members, as a way of fulfilling their goals.


The firm must be one of the priorities in the life of its members, even when this means that, at times, one must leave aside other priorities.

Keep clients informed and be always available.

Attention to details is the greatest differential in the quality of our work.

Act in good faith. We can serve the client’s interests with integrity.

No success will result when seeking a goal without organization, an essential factor for ensuring our client and team peace of mind and assurance.

Never give up or feel discouraged when facing obstacles, always working hard with the same willingness.

Treat others as you wish to be treated, always being polite and courteous, even when expressing different opinions.

Each member of the team must perform his or her tasks strictly according to the guidelines determined by the organization, even when believing that one should or could do otherwise.

Seek the best solution for clients, presenting their actual chances of success, risks and cost benefit of the proposed solutions, without losing sight of our values.