Secrecy and privacy play a fundamental role among the pillars and values of advocacy. Being aware of the relevance of the topic, Calabria & Villa Gonzalez follows a responsible privacy policy, which is already in line with the rules established by the General Data Protection Regulation. 


Office and Website structure

Calabria & Villa Gonzalez is a law firm headquartered in the city of Campinas, whose objective is to advocate in an agile and efficient way, focusing on the client’s needs. Its mission, vision and values are also methodically implimented in the collection and processing of information and data that has been collected.

The website is structured in such a way that little information as possible is collected from the user, prioritizing a pleasant but safe navigation experience.


Data Collected

The personal data collected by Calabria & Villa Gonzalez website is limited to the user’s email and name, in addition to the curriculum content, for users who browse the “Careers” tab; that is, only the data effectively needed will be collected. 

Anonymized data is also collected by Google Analytics, better known as cookies. This data is used for statistical purposes, in order to provide the office with information on behavior and profile of the public that uses the website, in order for it to be optimized. It is worth clarifying that Google Analytics does not collect any personal data from the user, but only anonymized information collected from each IP that browses the site.


Data Processing

The data collected by Calabria & Villa Gonzalez in the “Careers” and “Contact” tabs are used only in the selection process of interns, lawyers and administrative staff. Therefore, the data does not undergo any type of processing other than storage in the office’s database, except for those elimnated as requested by the owner of the information.

Regarding the data collected by Google Analytics, they are processed in order to improve the website, offering a pleasant, interesting and enlightening navigation.


Data Sharing

Data collected by the Calabria & Villa Gonzalez website is not shared with third parties, even though the website was created and is managed by a third party – a digital agency. This third party has access to the website and the data collected by it, but is not authorized to store them or for their own use.


Data Storage

Calabria & Villa Gonzalez’s servers are protected by an original high-quality firewall recognized in the market. Servers are protected by various physical and virtual barriers. They are also protected by constant cooling, fire-fighting systems and physical and cloud backup protection.

Once stored in the database, the information provided by the user is physically and virtually secured. 


Data Disposal

Disposal of data will only occur if requested by the holder of the information.


Rights and Guarantees regarding the Collection and Use of Information

The collection, processing and storage of data carried out by Calabria & Villa Gonzalez indicated in this Privacy Policy are authorized by the user upon acceptance.